Gender inequality

At a job fair in Bogotá, psychologist Nicolas Londoño showed groups of young men how to change a baby's diapers.  Londoño works with Care School for Men, an educational program funded by the city government. 

‘We can all learn to care’: Colombia’s capital city wants men to do more chores at home

Women & Gender

Bogotá’s Care School for Men aims to battle centuries of living in a culture that teaches men to focus on breadwinning instead of caregiving.

Several women in colorful saris sit and stand with bright yellow drinking vessels in front of a blue and green painted building.

Putting a price on women’s unpaid work in India

Marie Kondo speaks during an interview

Marie Kondo’s show shines spotlight on women’s unpaid labor

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez greets supporters at her midterm election night party

Can quotas solve gender inequality in government?

Netherlands forward Lieke Martens (11) controls the ball against Japan defender Azusa Iwashimizu (3) during the second half in the round of sixteen in the FIFA 2015 women's World Cup soccer tournament at BC Place Stadium.

The strong connection between gender equality and a kickass national women’s soccer team

Michael Cera and Tavi Gevinson in "This Is Our Youth" at New York's Cort Theatre

A safe space for teen girls to meet ‘non-terrible adults’ online


The 18-year-old actress and fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson started an online magazine three years ago as a safe place for teen girls curious about the wider world. It features frank talk and a chance to ask advice from celebrities. Comedian Stephen Colbert to singer Karen O are among those whose stepped up to the videocam for the site.

Female scientist

Is the notion of ‘innate genius’ widening science’s gender gap?


What determines success? Just intelligence? What about grit and determination? A recent study shows that fields in which people believe ‘innate genius’ determines success have fewer women than men. What’s THAT about?

How to Fix the Persistent Gender Wage Gap

According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, American women continue to earn approximately 80 cents on every dollar their male counterparts make. The reason for this disparity is often debated: Is it simply gender discrimination? Do fewer women negotiate their salaries? Whatever the explanation, Senate Democrats believe they have a solution: the Paycheck Fairness […]