Gender-based violence

Broadway in New York City

There’s a campaign underway to get the sexual harassment out of showbiz


Sexual harassment is pervasive in show business, especially in the world of theater. But that doesn’t make it OK — and now there’s a new effort to get things in check.


This male rapper in Burkina Faso is trying to help stop female genital mutilation

A woman prisoner waits for her release orders inside a jail in Karachi, Pakistan, July 13, 2006.

In Pakistan, women can still be sent to prison for choosing who they love

Many students attended a demonstration demanding laws that make India safer for women and children.

Two years after New Delhi’s brutal gang rape, many say not enough has changed

Jamaicans take part in a demonstration against the rape of three children and two women in Kingston in 2012.

Caribbean rape culture is back on display

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) speaks about pending legislation regarding sexual assaults in the military in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee on June 4, 2013.

This senator says the Pentagon is still a ‘complete failure’ on protecting sexual assault victims


A new Pentagon report say there’s progress on reporting sexual assaults in the military. But Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, whose proposed reforms were rejected earlier this year, says commanders have been “a complete failure” in protecting those who report crimes — and plans a new push to pass her bill.

Footage of two Indian sisters defending themselves from harrassment was filmed on a phone by a fellow passenger.

Indian sisters revive the country’s debate over women’s safety by fending off male attackers on camera


In India, footage of two women defending themselves from a group of men sexually assaulting them on a public bus has gone viral. The video has renewed a national debate in India on sexual assault and the safety of women in public spaces.

Bill Cosby attends the American Comedy Awards in New York on April 26, 2014. Jian Ghomeshi attends the Canada for Haiti telethon at the CBC studios in Toronto on January 22, 2010. Rolf Harris arrives for sentencing at Southwark Crown Court in London on Ju

Bill Cosby is unlikely to face rape charges in court, but that wouldn’t be the case in other countries


Allegations against Bill Cosby dating from decades ago have stirred a debate in the US over whether legal statutes of limitations should apply to sexual assault cases. Some countries, like Canada and the UK, don’t have deadlines for prosecuting such cases, which has allowed prosecutors to open high-profile “historic cases” of assault with some success.

By using a undercover female police officers, the city hopes to deter sex offenders on public transport

Colombia’s undercover, anti-groping squad is patrolling public buses in Bogota


Women around the world often feel vulnerable to groping and sexual harassment when they ride on crowded public transit. And it can be hard to catch offenders. So the police in Colombia’s capital, Bogota, have created a new squad of mostly female officers to catch those who harass — and to support female riders.

India rape case

New rape case in India is not just about gender, but caste too

This week a horrific scene shocked villagers in the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India. Bodies of two girls, raped and murdered, hung from a mango tree. The case has sparked fresh debate about violence against women and castes in India.