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‘Can we reject these labels?’: A new book questions how patriarchy became the norm.

Lifestyle & Belief

How did patriarchy become common around the world, and can we change the dominance of men in societies? Science journalist Angela Saini explores these questions in her new book, “The Patriarchs; The Origins of Inequality.”

At a job fair in Bogotá, psychologist Nicolas Londoño showed groups of young men how to change a baby's diapers.  Londoño works with Care School for Men, an educational program funded by the city government. 

‘We can all learn to care’: Colombia’s capital city wants men to do more chores at home

Women & Gender
Military men and women exercise in a field.

Gender matters in the military

Critical State
A portrait of a nun writing

Centuries ago, Spanish writers challenged gender norms and barriers

Up close image of Kenyan man wearing black sweatshirt

‘Intersex’ is counted in Kenya’s census — but is this a victory?

A neon sign saying "The Stonewall Inn" shines out a window.

Since Stonewall, LGBTQ advocates ‘don’t have to build everything from scratch’


In the 50 years since the Stonewall Riots, the LGBTQ movement has grown worldwide. The events of that night laid the foundations for activists to organize for social change.

A transgender woman is shown with long black hair and a glittery top.

An annual pageant is the one night a year trans women in Turkey can celebrate


Amidst conservative pressures and security concerns, transgender women in Istanbul, Turkey, celebrate their beauty.

A woman politician gives a thumbs up on back of truck

Women are becoming ‘electable’ candidates in India — even when they don’t win

Global Politics

Historically shut out of Indian politics, women are now busting societal prejudices and gaining political power. 

Three women sit around a laptop with background of colorful handprints

In Kenya, LGBTQ activists mobilize in support of historic court decision to decriminalize gay sex


On Friday, May 24, Kenya’s High Court ruled to dismiss a petition to scrap sections 162 and 165 of the country’s penal code that criminalizes gay sex. But the movement to fight for LGBTQ rights continues.

tennis court royal box

Are trans athletes ‘cheating’? Tennis legend Navratilova’s controversial comments provoke debate.

Women & Gender

There’s a debate going on among athletes sparked by the controversial comments of tennis legend Martina Navratilova. She says it’s cheating when transgender women compete in women’s sports.