Food security

A graphic with three photos. Left to right: Wheat harvest, Tibisay Zea and a man harvesting wheat in Senegal.

VIDEO EXPLAINER: How the war in Ukraine is affecting wheat exports and food culture in Senegal


In this video, The World’s Tibisay Zea explains how the war in Ukraine is shaking up a big part of Senegal’s food culture.

grain facility in Ukraine

US Amb to UN: ‘We’re hopeful’ the Black Sea Grain Initiative can be revived

kids at a museum

Ghana’s school kids go hungry after caterers quit amid soaring food prices

Chef Elijah Amoo Addo (right) prepares food to distribute as part of Food for All Africa.

This Ghanaian chef quit his job to fight hunger in vulnerable African communities

Shomali, a little north of Kabul, Afghanistan, July 18, 2005. After seven years of severe drought that impoverished farmers and made millions reliant on food handouts, Afghanistan enjoyed a bountiful harvest.

‘Drought has severely impacted livestock keepers’ in Afghanistan, head of UN food agency says

People wait outside a shop where face masks and vitamins are being given away in Mandalay, Myanmar

6.2 million Burmese could go hungry by October. It’s the worst situation in ‘living memory,’ UN official says.


Stephen Anderson, country director of the World Food Program, spoke with The World’s Marco Werman about the dire situation, from Myanmar’s capital city, Naypyidaw.

Men carrying white plastic bags of food from a pile of bags

COVID sparks a new ‘right to food’ movement across the globe

Human rights

The pandemic has contributed to a doubling in food insecurity around the world.

Landless Workers' Movement farmers gather food to distribute to poor communities.

Brazil’s small farmers tackle food insecurity, hunger amid the pandemic 


In Brazil, hunger, poverty and unemployment have spiked alongside COVID-19. But the Landless Workers’ Movement, a massive organization of small farmers, is doing its best to help tackle the problem.

Two people gather locusts from trees

This start-up turns locust swarms in Kenya into animal feed


The Bug Picture has worked for the last six weeks in Kenya to pilot a program that pays farmers to collect locusts from their fields in exchange for cash.

A pantry cabinet with a variety of food packages

How Biden’s COVID-19 relief plans could help fight hunger


The Biden administration is trying to shore up SNAP, a mainstay of the safety net, as part of its new plans.