Environmental economics

smog in mexico city

Is China worsening the developing world’s environmental crisis?


The developing world is in the midst of an environmental crisis. Simply breathing the air is a leading cause of death.

Workers pick strawberries in a field on a farm in Oxnard, California, on February 24, 2015.

Agriculture is thriving in bone-dry California, and that’s not a good thing

A pump jack is seen at sunrise near Bakersfield, California.

How Saudi Arabia can stop America from producing more fuel


Solving climate change may require transforming capitalism


When it comes to climate, California pursues its own foreign policy


Australia’s carbon tax looks to be headed up the smokestack


Australia’s coal is fueling China’s growth, quite literally. For the past two years, that fuel has been subjected to a carbon tax. But now Australia’s new government is poised to put an end to the carbon tax.

Ohio city of Oberlin debuts community-wide environmental dashboard


Environmentalists and educators in Oberlin, Ohio, have teamed up to give the community’s residents a detailed look at how they use energy and impact the environment. So far, an environmental studies instructor says, adoption has been strong.

Chinese finance official advocates for carbon tax


After passing the United States as the top carbon emitter, one researcher says China’s now making a commitment to reduce the country’s carbon output. But in order for China to reduce large amounts of CO2, they say, the U.S. will need to do more.

Conservative politicians argues Republicans can lead in dealing with climate change

Global Politics

Bob Inglis is out of Congress now, but he’s still a committed conservative. Unlike many of his brethren, however, he’s ready to tackle climate change. And he says Republicans, conservatives, are in the perfect position to engage on the issue and lead solutions to deal with it.

Clean energy sector surging in Massachusetts


Job growth has been hard to come in in this economy. But in Massachusetts at least, the clean energy industry is adding jobs at a brisk pace. Fueled by decreased costs, increased availability and federal tax credits, the clean energy economy was adding jobs at an 11 percent clip last year.