Makaa or charcoal is often used in cooking methods in Kenya and other countries in Africa.

The push to end harmful cooking methods worldwide


A third of the world’s population cooks with fuels that produce harmful fumes when burned. Breathing in the fine particles produced by cooking with wood, charcoal, coal, animal dung and agricultural waste can penetrate the lungs and cause multiple respiratory and cardiovascular problems, including cancer and strokes. Women and children are most at risk. Fifty countries gathered in Paris on Tuesday to raise funds to replace dangerous cooking with clean ones. Marco Werman speaks with Dymphna van der Lans, CEO of the Clean Cooking Alliance.

An offshore gas terminal is lit up amid the Atlantic Ocean as houses lay on the beachfront between the sea and the Senegal River, bottom, in Saint-Louis, Senegal, Jan. 18, 2023.

Europe looks to Senegal for new energy supply. But what’s in it for the Senegalese?

Guyana faces risks from climate change that include rising sea levels that could eventually submerge the capital Georgetown.

Guyana’s discovery of oil reserves has the nation split between boosting the economy and preserving the environment

A coal-fired power station in Witbank, South Africa , Monday, Oct. 11, 2021.

Scheduled blackouts roll South Africa into electricity crisis

Shopkeepers and workers wait for electric power at a market following a power breakdown across the country, in Lahore, Pakistan, Jan. 23, 2023.

Lights out in Pakistan as energy-saving move backfires

The beach at the popular tourist resort of Puerto Peñasco in the state of Sonora, Mexico, September 2018.

Mexico’s clean energy plan could run into trouble at leaders’ summit


The North American leaders will be discussing immigration and the recapture of the son of drug cartel kingpin “El Chapo.” But also high on the agenda: a dispute over energy.

After the discovery of commercial quantities of oil in 2006, Hoima, Uganda, is being referred to as “Oil City,” Hoima, Uganda, November 2022.

Why African countries like Uganda are investing in fossil fuels


Uganda is seeking to develop and refine its oil in partnership with the French energy company Total, and a state-owned Chinese corporation.

Traditional firewood and pressed sawdust bricks used to be a cheap way to heat your home in Latvia. But with inflation and soaring demand, wood heat has tripled in cost so far this year — and winter hasn't yet begun.

Latvians brace for harsh winter under new austerity measures to lessen dependency on Russian energy


Latvia’s government is capping the heat in health facilities and other buildings to about 65 degrees Fahrenheit in an attempt to keep some heat flowing during the cold winter months while lessening its dependency on Russian energy.

Mini EV cars seen in Zhumadian, China.

Electric vehicles are gaining popularity across China as govt creates incentives

Science & Technology

China started investing in new electric vehicles years ago. This year, about 25% of new cars sold there are electric. They’re gaining in popularity, especially among the younger generation.

City view at McCulloh apartments at Druid Hill Avenue in Baltimore, Maryland, June 2019.

Rental housing stock in the US faces huge challenges adapting to climate change

Climate Change

What can renters and landlords can do to fortify homes against a changing climate while transitioning to cleaner energy?