Electric vehicle

Ford F-150 Lightning pickup truck

Ford hits a ‘home run’ with its new all-electric F-150 pickup

Ford’s F-Series pickup trucks are the best-selling vehicles in the United States. Now the all-electric version of the popular F-150 is the talk of the auto industry.

The aspern Seestadt district is designed with high urban density and extremely high energy efficiency standards as a priority. 

Vienna’s green mini-city offers a model for sustainable, urban living

The Big Fix
A three lane highway is shown packed with cars and taken with a blurry effect.

Love is blind: How Germany’s long romance with cars led to the nation’s biggest clean energy failure

The front of an electric bus is shown with green, blue and white stripes.

China dominates the electric bus market, but the US is getting on board

Electric car technology coming back into popularity


Alternative energy infrastructure

Shai Agassi, founder of Better Place, has a bold plan involving the creation of the infrastructure necessary to support electric vehicles.

Greenbacks for greener cars


Lawmakers and environmentalist say now is the time to demand more fuel-efficient cars from Detroit automakers.

Honda and Solar Energy

The automobile company Honda has announced a new plan to help customers install free or low cost solar panels on their homes that can be used to recharge electric and plug-in hybrid cars.

A Boost for Electrical Vehicles in Northern Europe

A Northern European country that’s known for technical innovation is actively promoting electric cars by launching a national network of quick chargers across the country, among the first of its kind.

The World

Driving Electric

A new lithium-ion battery may be the holy grail for electric cars. It’s revving up interest and one company has plans to introduce new vehicles using the technology.