A Posh Club performer leads club-goers in a conga-line.

Dancing away the loneliness: In the UK, social prescriptions help fight isolation during the pandemic


Social prescriptions are relatively common in the United Kingdom, especially to treat loneliness and isolation. When these conditions were exacerbated by the pandemic, the UK already had a strategy in place to help those who need it most, including the elderly.

Rie van de Mueren (r) used to be a professional ballroom dancer. She's with Dieuwer Duijf at the Music Salon, which holds dance parties for the elderly in north Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is tackling loneliness one dance party at a time

Yue Chang Zhou and his wife were asked to leave their apartment in a Los Angeles single room occupancy building

Have you heard of ‘cash for keys’? Many elderly immigrants in LA have — and are fighting it.

Lucy Oliveira of the New Bedford Immigrants' Assistance Center sits with 86-year-old Margarida Xavier, who moved to the US from Portugal in the 1960s. Oliveira visits Xavier's home every month and often helps Xavier read her mail.

Some Portuguese immigrants feel isolated as they grow old in their adopted home