economic crisis


A Cuban filmmaker returns home to see his family during the island nation’s worst economic crisis in decades


​​​The economic crisis crippling Cuba is causing shortages of everything, from gas to food to medical supplies. Filmmaker Armando Guerra, who lives in Valencia, Spain, recently returned to his home city of Camaguey in central Cuba, where he found that things are worse than he expected.

A porter carries sacks of imported food items at a market place in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s financial crisis is impacting families across the economic spectrum

People wait in a queue expecting to buy cooking gas near a distribution center in Colombo, Sri Lanka

A community kitchen in Colombo feeds Sri Lankans in need

A hospital worker carries a tray of medicine at a government-run hospital in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan doctors say the country can’t survive on donated drugs forever

Health & Medicine
An auto rickshaw driver pushes his vehicle next to a banner that says only those vehicles with QR codes will be given fuel at a fuel station in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Amid fuel crisis in Sri Lanka, bicycling is no longer a ‘poor person’s mode of transport’

cars in line

Sri Lankans wait in line for days to refuel their vehicles amid shortages, economic crisis


Traffic has begun trickling back into the streets of Colombo, Sri Lanka. But the economic crisis and fuel shortages have many people still waiting in long queues to refuel their vehicles. Some people have even been stuck in line for days.

Far-right Golden Dawn party leader Nikos Mihaloliakos (R) is escorted by anti-terrorism police officers as he arrives at a courthouse in Athens September 28, 2013.

Greeks are seeing the neo-Nazi face of the popular Golden Dawn party

Conflict & Justice

Until recently, the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party enjoyed substantial popularity in Greece. Then, two weeks ago, a Golden Dawn member admitted to killing anti-fascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas. In the following days, Greek authorities arrested more than 20 Golden Dawn members, including much of the party’s leadership.