Haitians who were detained hold up their immigration status documents to prove they have work permits, in Haina, Dominican Republic, March 16, 2024.

‘We have different cultures, but we share the same island’: Dominican Republic priest says his country should do more to help Haiti

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The Dominican Republic has decided to impose tighter border restrictions to keep people from Haiti out of the country. The World’s host, Carolyn Beeler, speaks with Osvaldo Concepción, a Jesuit priest who works closely with Haitians who have crossed into the Dominican Republic, about the situation.

Residents stand amid their homes damaged by a gasoline truck that overturned and exploded in Cap-Haitien, Haiti

‘Haitians deserve a chance to determine their own future,’ former US envoy says

A Somali woman wearing a purple headscarf answers the phone in an office with American flags and East Africa map on the wall.

US-based Somali Bantu face deportation to a country they’ve never known

A woman holds a sign that says "Sex workers and residents against police raids and closures."

This English collective says Brexit unfairly targets sex workers for deportation

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A blurry image of a car chase overlaid with Japanese writing.

Japanese TV program turns migrant raids and deportations into entertainment

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Maria Mendoza

Separated from their kids by deportation, these parents raise their family long-distance


Post-deportation, two parents now back in Mexico parent long-distance, checking in with their children daily on everything from what’s for breakfast to schoolwork to paying the mortgage.

US President Donald Trump is seen sitting at a table with his hands outstretched with other cabinet officials sitting adjacent.

The US military may house immigrant children as Trump policy beset by confusion


The US military has been asked to get ready to house up to 20,000 immigrant children, officials said on Thursday, as President Donald Trump’s efforts to roll back a widely condemned policy of separating children from their parents were beset by confusion.

Woman and man with baby in front of table decorated for child's birthday

After deportation, a family from Wisconsin will start anew in Cambodia


The number of deportations to Cambodia — and the speed at which they’re processed — is on the rise. Sothy Kum is among them.

Protests led by DACA recipients

Behind the scenes of a protest, young undocumented immigrants display tactical skills


Behind the scenes, ahead of a day of action, young undocumented immigrants assign roles and prepare to risk arrest to remind Congress they are still active.

A Salvadoran man holds his nation's flag and a sign during a protest rally for immigrants rights on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., Oct. 8, 2013.

Trump administration decision could force 200,000 Salvadorans out of the US


An estimated 200,000 Salvadorans who are currently covered by TPS could be forced to return to El Salvador.