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From ‘El Man Bun’ to ‘La Border Wall’, Millennial Lotería speaks to new generation


From El Global Warming and La Student Debt to El Safe Space and La Border Wall, each playing card is redesigned with Millennial Lotería’s followers in mind. And while it tackles the political zeitgeist of the Latinx millennial generation, it also has fans howling with laughter over cards like El Food Porn and El Man Bun.

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American evangelicals are more diverse than ever. But some don’t want to be part of the ‘evangelical movement.’

Awa Timera works in corporate recruiting in France. She says it can hard to put your finger on discrimination in France because it's often subtle.

How France uses ‘le testing’ to combat hiring discrimination

Iranian American census

Arab Americans lobbied for their own US census box. Will it backfire?

Office workers

In the workplace, millennials are challenging corporate values

For the first time, single people make up the majority of the American adult population, up from just 22 percent in 1950.

Singles now outnumber married people in America — and that’s a good thing


In 1950, singles were just 22 percent of the adult population. Now, they’ve taken over. More than half of American adults are single, and that may have some surprising benefits — from the way people join civic groups and socialize to how they take part in the lives of their hometowns.

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Your Take: 2010 Census

Yesterday, official data from the 2010 census was released, giving us a closer look at how the country has been changing over the last 10 years. But beyond the official numbers, we wanted to hear from our listeners about how their lives have changed. So we’ve been asking: how has your life changed in the […]

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US Census: Finding Beauty in the Numbers

Where many journalists and policy makers see stark data in the new census numbers, some see the potential for art. Sound artist Ben Rubin and UCLA statistics professor Mark Hansen are best known for creating digital poetry out of the printed word for their installation at The New York Times building. The pair culled text […]

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New Census Bureau proposes new poverty guidelines

The Census Bureau has proposed a change to the way it measures poverty in America. This would mean that nine million more Americans lived below the poverty last year than the year before.

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What being middle class means to you?

More listeners weigh in on what being middle class means to them.