A Lebanese policeman stands guard next to a bank window that was broken by depositors to exit the bank after attacking it trying to get their money, in Beirut, Lebanon

‘We are forced to be bank robbers,’ desperate Lebanese citizens say amid financial crisis


Banks in Lebanon have partially reopened this week after the government had ordered them to be shut down. The closures were prompted by a spate of bank heists conducted by people whose savings have been stuck in banking system.

Three men huddle around their outrigger while waiting for passengers as flood waters continue to rise due to rain and high tide Thursday, Aug. 2, 2012, in Navotas City, north of Manila, Philippines. 

Rebel alliance: Part I

A woman with long hair and glasses wears blue scrubs holding three infants in her arms while talking on a phone in a damaged hospital

In Beirut, hospital staff witness ‘total chaos’ after blast

Health & Medicine
A poster with Theresa May is on a building upside down that reads "This way up"

The ‘glass cliff’ puts women in power during crisis — often without support

Americans’ trust in banks hit record low as financial scandals continue

The World

A Crisis Within a Crisis: Europe’s Identity Crisis

Arts, Culture & Media

The World’s Patrick Cox reports that if there is one thing that European historians agree on, it is that Europe is not naturally unified.

The World

How US cities are reacting to the debt crisis

The nation’s debt crisis has all eyes on the politicians on Capitol Hill. But we wanted to know how the debt crisis is playing out in different cities across the country – what local fears and concerns are, and what people have to say about it.

Bad Economic News Sends Markets Plummeting

Stocks plummeted Wednesday after reports that the U.S. factory sector experienced its biggest one-month drop off in May since 1984. Weak factory sector figures, combined with dreary manufacturing data from around the world, and continuing high unemployment doesn’t just present a political problem for the Obama White House. Some economists worry the economy could face […]

Top of the Hour: Gang of Six, Morning Headlines

The so-called “gang of six” are six senators from both sides of the aisle who are working to solve the deficit crisis. Will they succeed?

Top of the Hour: Financial Crisis Lacks Prosecutions, Morning Headlines

It’s been three years since the financial meltdown, yet there have been no prosecutions. What’s keeping the industry players out of jail?