A construction worker walks across a mirage created on a road due to very hot weather in New Delhi, India

Heat wave sparks blackouts, questions on India’s coal usage


India has recorded its hottest March since 1901. The heat wave has caused acute power shortages affecting millions of people, as demand for electricity surges to record levels. Supplies of coal at many thermal power plants are running low, highlighting the country’s need to diversify its energy sources.

In this Oct. 17, 2014, photo, a worker walks at power plant area in Cirebon, Indonesia. 

Indonesia poised to ease export ban on thermal coal

A coal-fired power station in Witbank, South Africa

World leaders agree to help South Africa phase out coal

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In this Jan. 16, 2020, file photo an uniper coal-fired power plant and BP refinery steam beside a wind generator in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

What Germany can teach the US about quitting coal

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A man wearing a protective face mask and hat walks past the London Stock Exchange Group building

OECD predicts worst non-wartime recession in 100 years; Britain marks 2 months without burning coal for electricity

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Kentucky mining supply company

After coal: A new book and documentary chronicle ‘stories of survival in Appalachia and Wales’


Communities on both sides of the Atlantic have been hit hard economically as coal production has dropped. Their experiences are the theme of a new book and documentary called, “After Coal: Stories of Survival in Appalachia and Wales.”

The San Nicolas mine in Spain's northern region of Asturias is the last working coalmine in all of Spain. At its peak, it employed around two thousand people — today, about two hundred people work there.

Spain’s coal miners continue to wait for their country’s ‘Green New Deal’

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As Europe transitions away from coal, it’s unclear whether the newly-elected Spanish Socialists can offer hope to the region of Asturias, where people have mined coal for 150 years.

The tops of buildings are barely visible through a thick layer of smog.

Smothered by smog, activists are urging Poland to reconsider coal

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Coal smog can make many poles feel like they’re living in the 19th century. Now a growing grassroots movement is pushing local and national governments to cut smog and rethink the country’s heavy reliance on coal.

A man wearing a hard hat is silhouetted against old heavy windowpanes in a factory.

Poland is a coal country. But for how long?

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This year’s global climate conference is convening in the heart of Poland’s coal country. Poland’s leaders are vowing to continue their heavy reliance on coal, but the politics and economics of the highly-polluting fuel are starting to shift.

A man in mining gear exits a shaft. Signs in Polish flank the opening.

Polish artists turn coal into ‘black gold’ as the mining industry shifts

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Katowice, home to one of Poland’s oldest coal mines, closed in March. Now the city will host a series of UN talks on climate change. Budding artists have embraced the cleaner air and inspiration as the coal mining industry changes, others miss the community spirit.