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Muddy water running through an informal settlement of huts

South African floods: Protecting people must include a focus on women and girls

Women and girls living in poverty face many forms of discrimination and pressure during events like flood disasters.

Kpinchilla, a small village in northern Ghana, reels under the impact of the climate crisis.

Glasgow climate talks: Africa negotiators mobilize for climate finance 

The Big Fix
A setting sun near a smokestack.

Luxembourg takes the lead on climate finance 

The Big Fix
A vast, white sheet of ice

Rapid ice melt and sea-level rise will be part of our global future — no matter what

Climate Change
Bangladesh flooded farms.

A climate migration crisis is escalating in Bangladesh

Climate Change
COP 24 session in Katowice, Poland

The Trump administration continues to undercut its own climate report

Climate Change

The Trump administration seems determined to ignore the findings in the recently released climate report from its own agencies.

A woman wearing a purple scarf stands in a field holding maize stems

World hunger is on the rise again, and climate change is a culprit

Some 821 million people now face food insecurity, raising numbers to the same level as almost a decade ago. The situation is worsening in South America, Central Asia and most regions of Africa, according to the UN’s annual food security report. A resurgence in the use of “cover crop” and nanotechnologies may mitigate climate change impacts.

Boston seaport

Boston faces a daunting future of rising seas

Climate Change

As sea level rises, scientists say storm surges combined with high tide will put more and more of downtown Boston at risk of flooding.

Kerry at Climate Week 2014

At Climate Week 2017, a mix of optimism and urgency


Many new initiatives were unveiled at Climate Week NYC this year, including pledges from businesses and countries to speed up the transition to electric cars and renewable energy. But, in the face of multiple disastrous global weather events and the unwillingness of the Trump administration to even admit climate problems exist, the sense of urgency is rising.

"So much rain has fallen," the National Weather Service tweeted about Harvey on Monday, "we've had to update the color charts on our graphics in order to effectively map it."

Harvey may have caught Texas by surprise, but other places have been getting ready for more extreme weather


Climate change is bringing more extreme weather to just about every corner of the globe. Some places are getting ready, some aren’t. And the difference isn’t just about money.