Akureyri is one of the few places in Iceland with forest.

This small Icelandic city thinks big about going green

The Big Fix

The small town of Akureyri, in Iceland, has set itself a big goal: to become the world’s first carbon-neutral city by 2030. It hopes that going green can serve as a model for other places.

Soil test plots

Carbon released from warming soil will accelerate climate disruption, according to a long-term study

Tropical forest Indonesia

Tropical forests are becoming net carbon producers, instead of carbon sinks

Smokestack and trees

As global carbon dioxide levels climb, plants are becoming better at photosynthesis

Presidents Barack Obama and Xi Jinping

Obama seeks to cement a climate legacy with China before the US election

The Obama administration's plan to clamp down on climate pollution from coal-fired power plants like this one in Wyoming hit a potentially big speed bump at the Supreme Court this week.

A Supreme Court speed bump could signal big trouble for Obama’s signature climate plan


The Obama administration says its plan to require big cuts in climate pollution from power plants is on firm legal ground. But an unexpected procedural ruling by the Supreme Court suggests a key swing justice could cast a vote to scuttle it.

Yedoma permafrost

Thawing permafrost could have catastrophic consequences, scientists warn


As global temperatures increase, thawing permafrost starts to release large amounts of carbon dioxide and methane, which, in turn, raises global temperatures. This feedback loop could have dire consequences — and new research suggests we are getting close to making this loop irreversible.

Lutz Wiese of Vattenfall power company refuels a hydrogen-powered Mercedes at a filling station in Berlin. Vatenfall is a partner in the world's first direct wind-hydrogen power plant, in northern Germany. Using wind-generated electricity to create hydrog

The car of the future — the very near future — might be driven by the wind


How do you balance the ebbs and flows of wind and solar power to use it when and where it’s most needed? Turn it into hydrogen and use it to drive cars.

The Houston Ship Channel stretches 52 miles from the Gulf of Mexico to the city of Houston. Sea levels have risen 2.2 feet over the last century at Galveston, the main barrier island protecting the Ship Channel from a big storm.

The ‘Texas miracle’ is fueling huge economic growth — and the climate change that may end it


Texas is the biggest climate polluter in the U.S. It’s also is also extremely vulnerable to some of the impacts of climate change. But the state’s most prominent politicians say they don’t believe that climate change is real. It all adds up to a big problem for Texas and the rest of us.

Cape Horn

A Rockefeller uses his oil legacy to help save the oceans


Nearly 140 years ago, John D. Rockefeller Sr. co-founded Standard Oil, which revolutionized the petroleum industry and helped build one of the largest family fortunes in US history. He also helped revolutionize philanthropy, creating, among other funds, the Rockefeller Foundation. Now his great-grandson, David Rockefeller Jr., chairs the foundation and is using its influence and money to help save our seas.