Vira Ustyanska, a 34-year-old artist, fled her home in Zaporizhia, Ukraine, soon after the war started. She now lives in San Diego, California, with a host family waiting for the war to end.

Finding home in California after fleeing war in Ukraine


Amid war and displacement, Ukrainian artist Vira Ustyanska and her daughter find home in San Diego, California, as they wait for the war to end.

Nora Vargas is the newly elected vice chair of the powerful San Diego Board of Supervisors.

This Latina landed a seat on the powerful San Diego County Board of Supervisors — a first for her community

Every 30 Seconds
A farmworker, considered an essential worker under the current COVID-19 pandemic, harvests beans, May 12, 2020, in Homestead, Florida.

Farmworkers are getting coronavirus. They face retaliation for demanding safe conditions.

A young woman standing on campus.

A public college in California makes strides in recruiting, graduating Latino students

A school campus with small blue buildings

Newcomer students face daunting obstacles to graduate. This California high school makes it possible.

Global Nation Education
California fire firefighter with flames

Megafires are becoming increasingly common in California and climate change is a leading factor

Climate Change

California’s 2018 wildfire season is one of the most destructive on record. More than 7,500 fires burned nearly 2 million acres of land so far this year — the most land burned in a single year since records have been kept.

Woman in church holding book and singing

American evangelicals are more diverse than ever. But some don’t want to be part of the ‘evangelical movement.’


Some Christians are distancing themselves from the term “evangelical” even if their beliefs remain unchanged.

Black and white photo of woman at tabel, facing away from camera, bending over recording device

In the 1930s, an ethnomusicologist tried to preserve the history of immigration in California — and combat anti-immigrant feelings — with song


A new project is building on that collection, but this time with a much more inclusive catalog.

Zoot Suit Riots

Arts, Culture & Media

In southern California during World War II, the extravagantly-tailored suits of young Mexican-Americans, with broad shoulders, huge lapels, narrow peg pants and wingtip shoes, clashed with the all-American austerity of the war. KCRW’s Eric Roy takes a look back at 1940s Los Angeles and the improbable flash point that became known as the Zoot Suit […]

Chiura Obata

Arts, Culture & Media

In the spring of 1942, Chiura Obata, an art professor at the University of California at Berkeley, and his family were among the thousands of Japanese Americans relocated to internment camps. Obata’s granddaughter, Kimi Kodani Hill, and Timothy Burgard, a curator at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco, tell the story of Obata’s efforts to […]