A Virgin Mary statue in a public square in France

The state of religion in France

Sacred Nation

For years, people have been questioning the concept of laicité — France’s strict form of secularism — and how it plays into religious freedom. In this special hour of The World airing on Saturday, Paris-based reporter Rebecca Rosman takes a trip across France where she speaks to Catholics, Jews, Muslims and atheists about their right to believe, or not to believe.

Tanzila "Taz" Ahmed and Zahra Noorbakhsh are the women behind the new podcast: Good Muslim/Bad Muslim.

How to eat pork, drink booze and be a ‘good’ Muslim


Does God exist? Can science really disprove that?

Sanderson Jones, co-founder of the Sunday Assembly, addresses the congregation.

A new church, without religion, is gaining popularity in London

Lifestyle & Belief

In religious Ireland, at least a few kids will learn about atheism in school

What's billed as the "largest Jesus statue in the world," Christ the King in Swiebodzin, Poland.

Story: The fight for Catholicism is on in Poland

Lifestyle & Belief

“I don’t think you’d find an older person in Poland who’s not going to church, but I think that younger generation is rather like me. I’m not going to church. I don’t believe in God. I consider myself an atheist.”

Major funder of atheist organization addresses discrimination against non-religious in the U.S.

Global Politics

A poll from the Pew Research Center found that the number of Americans who identify as not being religious has grown. Despite these numbers, Todd Stiefel, major funder of what he calls a “free thinkers movement,” says atheists are one of the groups most discriminated against.

Why It’s Not Easy to be Atheist in India

Conflict & Justice

India may be the world’s largest secular democracy but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to practice atheism there.Young atheists trying to gain more recognition say government policies and laws still exclude them and cultural acceptance is hard to come by.

The World

When Once Just Isn’t Enough: Rereaders

Arts, Culture & Media

A couple weeks ago, Kurt Andersen came clean on Twitter and Facebook. He admitted that (with two small exceptions), he’s never read a book or watched a movie more than twice. “I wonder how weird this is,” he asked. And we asked you to weigh in:

The World

Is it possible to have faith without God?

Arts, Culture & Media

On the final day of our week-long series on Faith In America, we feature a debate between humanist chaplain Greg Epstein, author of ‘Good Without God: What a Billion Nonreligious People Do Believe,’ and conservative pastor Douglas Wilson.