A woman strides down a street in front of Ukrainian yellow and blue banners with the branded slogans on them

With ‘bravery’ as its new brand, Ukraine is turning advertising into a weapon of war


Ukraine is partnering with an advertising company to produce an innovative nation branding campaign during a war. The campaign could have influence beyond how Ukraine and Russia conduct this war.

A scene from an Amsterdam metro subway with a huge TV ad of a white man's face

Amsterdam bans fossil fuel ads from its metro

The Big Fix

It’s Back

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Design for the Real World: Summer Ads

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Commentary: No Qualms Good Songs Sell Cars

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Voice Over

Arts, Culture & Media

The power of the voice can be used to create phenomenal works of art, and it can be used to sell us stuff. The people in this story have coaxed you to buy toothpaste, to join a gym or to trust the news you watch. What are they thinking about when they whisper in your […]

Jingle All the Way

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Advertising jingles used to be all over radio and television, but they seem to have gone into hiding lately. Richard Paul has created a celebration — and an explanation — of the nearly-lost art of writing a song to sell a product.

James Rosenquist

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The Pop artist James Rosenquist captures the hyperbright, supersaturated colors of commercial culture in his paintings. Kurt and Mr. Rosenquist tour a current retrospective of his work at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. The paintings there stretch back to the 1960’s and contain a surreal montage of lipsticks and bleaches and dishes and fighter […]

Special Guest: Todd Oldham

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Todd Oldham is a designer for whom color is both whimsy and serious business. Oldham first made his name as a fashion designer of clothes known for their graphic textiles, fun details, and campy themes. In the ’90s his Todd Time segments on MTV made him synonymous with fun well-designed do it yourself home improvement. […]

Art and Advertising with George Lois

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Kurt Andersen and adman George Lois, creator of the “I want my MTV” campaign and many memorable Esquire covers, look at the strange relationship between art and advertising.