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Panelist for the online event on the environmental impact of the war in Ukraine.

LIVE Event: The Environmental Cost of the War in Ukraine


Join The World’s Carolyn Beeler for a conversation with Ukrainian environmental scientist Kateryna Polyanska and Doug Weir from The Conflict and Environment Observatory.

Yevdokia, 65, hugs her son Alexander in front of their house, which was heavily damaged by Russia attack, in the retaken area of Izium, Ukraine, on Sept. 14, 2022.

VIDEO: Ukraine’s year of war, displacement and no end in sight

Yulia Privedennaya (left), 42, sits next to her younger sister Alla Levchenko in the Moscow suburb of Vidnoe. Levchenko, 31, fled shelling in her hometown of Makiivka, Ukraine, last year and reunited with her sister.

Putin promised Ukrainians sanctuary from their war; it hasn’t exactly happened.

Ukrainian classical pianist Valentina Lisitska

A Ukrainian pianist’s pro-Russia tweets get her barred from Toronto’s orchestra

A pro-Russian separatist stands guard during the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic leadership and local parliamentary elections on Sunday.

Eastern Ukrainian rebels up the ante with a disputed election

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A man walks out of a voting booth at a polling station during a parliamentary election in the village of Fiina near Lviv, on October 26, 2014.

Ukraine — or part of it — delivers another pro-Europe election result

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The US and Europe are celebrating the victory of pro-European parties in Ukraine’s presidential election, saying it’s clear sign that Ukraine wants to modernize and move away from Moscow. But just how much of Ukraine’s partially-occupied east is on board?

Gay rights activists march with a banner during a May Day rally in St. Petersburg. The banner reads, "Love is stronger than war!"

A gay Russian teen has been outed as he seeks asylum in the US

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It’s tough being gay in Russia. That’s why an anonymous Russian exchange student sought asylum in the US on the basis of his sexual orientation. Though nobody was supposed to know about his application, an American official recently outed the teen in a piece for the New York Times.

Fish and seafood are displayed for sale at a grocery store in Moscow. Embargoes mean that Russia's usual sources of fish have been replaced by food from other areas, and Russians aren't happy with the new options.

Putin’s quarrel with Ukraine squeezes Russia’s sushi habit


Sushi has taken Russia by storm during Vladimir Putin’s 12-year reign as president and prime minister. But Moscow’s involvement in Ukraine is making it more difficult for Russians to get their sushi fix.

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A worldwide viral hit shows a different side of Ukraine


Much of the news coming out of Ukraine these days is about the ongoing war against separatists and the violence that has ruined small towns near Donetsk. Then along comes an animated music video by a Kiev-based band called Brunettes Shoot Blondes that’s impressed people around the world.

Burnt-out vehicles in an area that was recently shelled in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine. The ceasefire has been marred by shelling and shooting.

Kiev reaches out to eastern Ukraine, but rebels there are skeptical of the offer

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The parliament in Kiev has approved an autonomy deal for Ukraine’s pro-Russian east, accompanied by a limited amnesty for rebels there. But in Donetsk, shelling continues despite a ceasefire. And rebels say Kiev is just too late in making concessions.