Northern California

A structure is seen engulfed in flames during the Camp Fire

After his life’s work burned, audio recordist links California fires to the ‘extinction of whole habitats’


The irony of losing decades of recordings of disappearing wild places to a fire linked to climate change is not lost on sound recordist Bernie Krause. Now, after a wildfire consumed his California home last year, his new home is now under threat from the nearby Camp Fire.

A man is standing in front of an audience pointing at something. A woman stands next to the man.

After the California wildfires, community leaders are trying to rebuild homes — and trust in government agencies

CA wildfire

After wildfires, health risks linger

Firefighters from the Sequoia National Forest Cobra 4 hand crew mop up a spot fire

Meet the firefighters from American Samoa who sing to stay motivated on the job

Kabul Dreams

Afghanistan’s first rock band wants to build a cultural bridge in the US

Kristyn Leach on her Sunol, California farm, Namu. “There is significance to all this in terms of that sense of pride and connectedness,” she says.

A Korean adoptee finds her heritage through farming


Krysten Leach was born in Korea, but she didn’t grow up eating that country’s food. Now she grows traditional Korean vegetables and herbs at her farm in California — which has become a destination for other Korean adoptees.

American veteran of Spanish Civil War remembers life under suspicion of communism

Global Politics

98-year-old James Benet left the United States in his 20s to fight on the Republican side of the Spanish Civil War. The Republicans were backed not only by foreigners, like Benet, but also by Mexico and the Soviet Union. After his side lost, Benet came back to a United States where he was immediately viewed as a communist.

Americans find ways to support undocumented immigrants

Global Politics

In Alabama and Mississippi, immigration reform is at the forefront of political debates. Controversial laws that limit opportunities for immigrant students in several Southern states have prompted immigrant allies to develop a 21st century “underground railroad” of assistance for their undocumented neighbors.

Environmental, indigenous groups accuse Navy of damaging marine mammals


Environmental and indigenous groups have banded together to sue the Navy and the National Marine Fisheries Services for harming marine mammals with sonar. According to the plaintiffs, the Navy’s military exercises have fatally impacted federally protected species. Now they are calling for limits on the Navy’s access to this biologically rich area.

UC-Davis Chancellor insists she ordered not to use force on peaceful protesters (with video)

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University of California Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi said she ordered the campus police force not to use force against students demonstrating on campus. Instead, last Friday’s confrontation ended up with police pepper spraying a crowd of students. Now, come threats of lawsuits, firings and several investigations.