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At Mountainoak Cheese in rural Ontario, their Gouda is winning awards. The owners support Canada's tariffs on cheese imports.

What turns some law-abiding Canadians into smugglers? The high price of imported cheese.


Canada has tariffs and quotas on imported cheese, which results in higher prices and limited availability. So some Canadians resort to cheese smuggling.

An Albanian state police officer holds a piece of freshly cut cannabis near the town of Kruja. Most of the pot produced in Albania is grown outdoors, on public land. Growers take advantage of the country’s Mediterranean climate and mountainous terrain.

Riding along with Albania’s pot police

Election campaign posters for the leader billionaire politician Andrej Babis in Prague, Czech Republic, reading: "Stand up against corruption and stop babbling."

The populist tide has spread to one of Central Europe’s last liberal democracies

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Barcelona soccer fans make their feelings known about Catalan independence, at a game on Wednesday Oct 18th 2017

The roots of Catalonia’s differences with the rest of Spain

Sound of Thunder

A heavy metal band from Virginia went viral in Catalonia

People's Party candidate Sebastan Kurz at a polling station in Vienna, Austria, on Oct. 15, 2017.

Austria is projected to elect a conservative millennial as Europe’s youngest leader

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Austria’s conservative “whiz kid” Sebastian Kurz is expected to try to form a coalition with a hard-right party and become Europe’s youngest leader.

A pro-union demonstration organised by the Catalan Civil Society organisation makes its way through the streets of Barcelona, Spain October 8, 2017.

As Spain sinks further into instability, the EU remains mute

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The situation in Spain puts the EU in a tricky situation — it might be troubled by the violence, but it doesn’t want to encourage separatist forces that threaten many of the nations within it.

Same-sex couple Karl Kreil and Bodo Mende get married at a civil registry office, becoming Germany's first married gay couple

Germany celebrates its first same-sex marriages


Two German men made history Sunday by becoming the first same-sex couple to marry in Germany after decades of struggle.

Riot police grab at a woman near a polling station for the banned independence referendum in Barcelona, Spain, on Oct. 1, 2017.

Spanish riot police fight to suppress Catalonia’s defiant independence vote


Thousands of Spanish police fanned out across the northeast region of Catalonia, forcing their way into occupied polling stations, stomping on voters and seizing ballot boxes.


Europe has a tainted egg scare and it’s spreading


Now Spain has discovered liquid egg products tainted with the pesticide Fipronil, after over a dozen other European countries.