East Africa

Rows of fresh Wau Eats samosas waiting to be packed and delivered to eager customers, Nairobi, Kenya

Apple pie samosas for Thanksgiving? In East Africa, these fried treats are a hit.


Aleya Kassam, one of the founders of Wau Eats in Nairobi, said her family has enjoyed making samosas for generations. As they experiment with different fillings, Americans living in Kenya are even ordering apple pie samosas for Thanksgiving.

Hundreds of people gather near an evacuation control checkpoint during ongoing evacuations at Hamid Karzai International Airport, in Kabul.

As Afghans flee Taliban rule, some find a temporary new home in Uganda

Residents of Mahiga-Meru village chase desert locusts using old aluminum cooking pots, iron sheets and twigs, in Laikipia County, Kenya, Feb. 25, 2020. 

Coronavirus — and locusts — threaten Kenya’s food security

A woman speaks behind a table

Ugandan archbishop breaks with tradition to promote birth control during pandemic

Up close image of Kenyan man wearing black sweatshirt

‘Intersex’ is counted in Kenya’s census — but is this a victory?

Bidibid refugee camp

In Uganda, a refugee camp becomes a city


The government of Uganda and international agencies have taken an innovative approach to housing displaced persons by building more permanent facilities that serve both refugees and local residents.

The group behind Nairobi’s recent terror attack recruits young people from many faiths. Officials can’t stop it.


While a lot of attention has been paid to the ideological underpinnings of extremist groups like al-Shabab, the new attack in Nairobi shows how increasingly local factors like poverty are driving the growth of extremism in East Africa.

A young Tanzanian woman speaks to a male doctor.

Tanzanian president bluntly attacks contraception, saying high birth rates are good for economy


Tanzania was one of the first countries in sub-Saharan Africa to embrace family planning. But current president John Magufuli made headlines when he said he does “not see any need for birth control,” asserting that population growth is actually an economic boon to the East African nation.

a crowded street in kampala, uganda

Ugandan traffic safety campaign uses social media to shame unsafe drivers


A new traffic safety campaign in Uganda’s capital aims to shame drivers into following traffic laws. And some drivers have changed their behavior.

Women carry baskets of banana as they walk past a military personnel patrolling in Uganda's capital Kampala, Feb. 19, 2016.

Amid drought and pests, can GMOs save Uganda’s farmers?


An invasion of banana bacterial wilt last decade was predicted to destroy 90 percent of the country’s crops at a cost of $4 billion. The disease was stopped, but only after expensive and protracted interventions by the government.