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President Barack Obama and his family with Cuban President Raul Castro at an exhibition baseball game between the Cuban National team and the MLB Tampa Bay Rays in Havana.

Obama to Cuba: ‘I have come here to bury the last remnant of the Cold War in the Americas’

Global Politics

President Barack Obama’s speech to Cubans today featured echoes of Ronald Reagan’s 1987 plea to Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

Graffiti in Bogota, Colombia, calling for the decriminalization of abortion.

Zika reignites the debate on reproductive rights in Latin America

A supporter holds a sign during a protest on March 16, 2015, outside MVS Radio in Mexico City gainst the dismissal of Mexican journalist Carmen Aristegui.

A muckraking radio host in Mexico just got fired, and her fans say the government did it

A bagpipe band in Mexico plays in honor of the San Patricios.

On St. Patrick’s Day, Mexico remembers the Irishmen who fought for Mexico against the US

An advertisement for "Los Otros Mexicanos" featuring Betto Arcos is plastered on a bus.

A Mexican series finds overlooked stories of immigrants in America — including one from The World

One of the artifacts found at the base of a pyramid at the archealogical site. It’s suggested it could be the effigy of a "were-jaguar," part of a still-buried ceremonial seat, or "metate."

Have archaeologists discovered the ‘Lost City of the Monkey God?’


An expedition has returned from the jungles of Honduras with news of the discovery of a lost city from a mysterious culture. Could it be the “Lost City of the Monkey God,” a centuries-old Honduran legend?

The World

Remembering Ariel Camacho, the 22-year-old star of Mexico’s narcocorridos


Ariel Camacho, lead singer of the group Los Plebes del Rancho, was killed in a car accident on Wednesday. Just 22 years old, Camacho was already a big name in the world of narcocorridos, Mexico’s musical odes to drug trafficking culture.

Omar Solis, who grew up in Denver, studies international relations at the Technological Institute of Monterrey. He's also openly gay.

Mexico’s ‘hints of homophobia’ make living there a challenge for a gay American


“You have to think about where you invest your time and your energy and your love, because you don’t want to waste it,” says Omar Solis, a gay American student in Mexico trying to figure out how to live openly. “But that’s what it takes.”

Alejandro González Iñárritu’s wins at the Oscars marked the first time the night’s two biggest awards — for Best Director and Best Film — went to a Mexican-born filmmaker.

After Oscar wins, Mexican filmmakers are hailed at home for their ‘Midas touch’


Two Mexican-born filmmakers took major prizes at the Oscars this weekend, continuing the country’s winning streak at the biggest awards show in film. That success is encouraging young and emerging film students in a country where making movies remains tough.

El Diablo on the streets of Portobelo, Panama.

This Panamanian Carnival tradition manages to make blackface ‘playful’ and ’emancipatory’


In Portobelo, Panama, a local spin on the Carnival holiday celebrates Africans who escaped from Spanish slavery. But while it features “Diablos” with whips and kids wearing blackface, an American academic who works with locals says it’s a powerful, celebratory metaphor.