From left to right: Maria Perez, Vania Davina, Hulyana Rodriguez and Yareli Suarez were members of Dreamers Welcome, a student organization at Cardinal Stritch University.

With the closure of Cardinal Stritch University, Milwaukee’s undocumented students lose a home

A financial deficit that forced Cardinal Stritch University in Wisconsin to close down left many of Milwaukee’s undocumented community with nowhere to go. Stritch was seen as a welcoming place for undocumented students facing additional barriers to higher education. Now, students are trying to replicate its services at other colleges.

In 2010, Noreen Dertinger finally spotted her first loon chick on Lake Kennebec. Unfortunately, it did not survive the year.

Mysterious drop in loon population prompts cross-border collaborations in North America

students and a teacher

Afghan women who escaped Taliban takeover continue their education at a Wisconsin university

A worker arranges yellow ginseng displays behind glass cases

American ginseng farmers battered by trade wars and pandemic

White-tailed buck

Lead in hunted meat poses health risk to families and food banks

Health & Medicine
Protesters with fists raised block an intersection while demonstrating against the Sunday police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wis., Aug. 26, 2020.

Are most white Americans guilty of ‘supremacy’ or just ‘privilege’?


The history of white supremacy is complex and the meaning of that term often disputed. But if people, by association, are part of a larger structure in which whites dominate, is it appropriate to call them “white supremacists”?

Latino leaders and immigration reform supporters gather at the University of Colorado to launch a voter registration campaign to mobilize Colorado's Latino, immigrant and allied voters on Oct. 28, 2015.

The key to winning the Latino vote in 2020? Latinas.

Every 30 Seconds

The path to victory in the US presidential election in November cannot afford to ignore the Latino vote. But Latinas’ voting power goes beyond their individual votes: They’re likely to encourage friends and family to vote, too.

Rusty patched bumblebee

Here’s how to convert your lawn into a bee pollinator habitat


Pollinators are in sharp decline across the US. A Minnesota program wants to encourage homeowners to help reverse this trend by paying them to convert turf to pollinator-friendly habitats.

A team of researchers at the Vanderbilt Vaccine Center selects lead antibody candidates for further screening.

Racing to develop a drug to fight COVID-19


Doctors in China and the US have transfused antibodies from recovered patients directly into the blood of people with severe cases of COVID-19. Dr. Mario Ostrowski and his collaborators want to identify the genes that encode these antibodies and use them to mass produce lab-grown versions — to turn into a drug to treat the infection.

A group of dairy cows stand in a caged area inside a farm

Can this radical approach to dairies save US farms?

Canada’s practice of limiting milk production ensures a stable market for its dairy farmers. It’s also being touted as a potential solution to the US dairy crisis.