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a student stands with her arms crossed in front of a domed building on MIT's campus

On campus, Jewish and Muslim students fear for their safety


A new report finds Jewish and Muslim students “fear personal danger” related to their positions on the war.

Gissela Yanez in her first day of English classes at St. Anne-St. Augustin Parish in Manchester, New Hampshire.

‘Help wanted’: Immigrants find opportunities to learn English, get jobs amid labor shortage in New Hampshire

On Course
In 2019, the Morgan sisters biked to New York City from Andover with their mom to raise awareness about climate change.

Young activists are making their mark in the climate debate

Climate Change
Julián Castro

Julián Castro makes climate change a central theme of his presidential campaign

US politics
Tulsi Gabbard

US should shift military funds to climate change fixes, says POTUS hopeful Tulsi Gabbard

US politics
mayor pete

With eyes on the presidency, Mayor Pete seeks a ‘generational alliance’ to tackle climate change


The 37-year-old mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, is running for president. His fans call him Mayor Pete and he was virtually unknown until recently, but this Rhodes Scholar and veteran of Navy intelligence is riding high on a wave of media attention, in part because of his relentless focus on the future instead of the past.

Eryk Bean is in charge of quality control and product development at Gibson Bagpipes

A small company in New Hampshire exports their handcrafted bagpipes worldwide

50 States

Gibson Bagpipes in Nashua, New Hampshire, makes handcrafted bagpipes out of African blackwood. Two years ago, an international consortium that monitors endangered fauna and flora placed African blackwood on a “high risk” list. In order to continue to export their pipes, the company had to apply for a special permit.

Ilhan Omar clasps her husband’s mother's face in her hands as she smiles

These are the women who made history in this year’s midterm elections

Women & Gender

It’s a record. After the midterm results are tallied, more than 100 members of Congress are expected to be women.

Fall leaves cover a hill above a river.

‘Leaf peeping’ is huge in New England. Will climate change alter tourism?


Each fall, millions of tourists come to New England to see the changing leaves. It’s big business. But climate change is moving the calendar.

The Rumney Marsh, a haven to both birds and fish, sits in a highly industrial area north of Boston. For decades, the marsh's welfare has been in jeopardy due to its close proximity to an incinerator.

Residents worry Massachusetts waste incinerator is contaminating waterways

It was supposed to close 22 years ago. Now an aging waste incinerator landfill north of Boston has been given the go-ahead to add a half million tons of fly ash and bottom ash to its collection of materials — and local residents and community leaders are not happy about it.