A bee is shown collecting pollen off an bright orange flower in a park in the Bulgaria's capital Sofia.

Earth Day: Species at risk


Here’s a look at vulnerable species according to the Earth Day Network that play a key role in their ecosystems and face endangerment from human activity.

A woman is shown walking past a red building with blue and green shutters.

Squatters occupy Venice homes in housing protest as tourism surges

Conflict & Justice
Man in protective gear points large gun at man holding a toddler, at close range. Toddler is screaming.

An iconic image challenged the politics of Cuban Americans

John Waters in 2014.

John Waters: The king of filth

O. Winston Link

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Photographer Max Aguilera-Hellweg Goes Inside the Human Body

Arts, Culture & Media

Portrait photographer and photojournalist Max Aguilera-Hellweg has documented the magnetic realm of the operating-room in his book, The Sacred Heart: An Atlas of the Body Seen Through Invasive Surgery, and the experience led him to change his life. Kurt Andersen talks with him about his extraordinary, beautiful, and sometimes disturbing images, and about the blurred […]

The Art of Photojournalism

Arts, Culture & Media

Photojournalist Ken Light observes his profession and its struggle toartfully capture reality.

Roy DeCarava

Arts, Culture & Media

WNYC’s Sara Fishko talks to a photographer who for decades has been looking at the joys and sorrows of the human condition.

Photographing Barbara

Arts, Culture & Media

In 1985 photographer Andrea Modica had taken a teaching job in upstate New York when she first met Barbara who was 6 years old. She continued to photograph Barbara for the next 16 years.

The Photographer’s Artist

Arts, Culture & Media

Sheila Metzner talks about the importance of Aaron Rose’s work in her photography.