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A row of tall stainless steel centrifuges are shown.

Iran blames Israel for blackout, vows revenge

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Top of The World: Iran has blamed Israel on Monday for an act of “cybersabotage” that caused a blackout at the country’s Natanz nuclear facility. Also, Monday marks the start of the holy month of Ramadan and for the second time under coronavirus restrictions. And voters in Ecuador have rejected the leftist movement giving former banker Guillermo Lasso 53% of the vote and the presidency


A decade of WikiLeaks’ Assange, from allegations to arrest

Reproductive rights in Ecuador

As Pope Francis visits Ecuador, women there say they’re losing ground

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Attempted coup in Ecuador ends in violent rescue of president

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Russian President Vladimir Putin sings "Blueberry Hill" at a fundraiser, 2010

Know your foreign accents? Try picking these global leaders just from the sound of their English

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Ecuadorian government targets park’s oil, despite natural diversity

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An Ecuadorian park with world-class natural diversity is being threatened again. President Rafael Correa asked the international community for money to preserve, playing on their emotional and scientific desires to keep the park preserved. The plan failed and the president’s sights are back on Yasuni’s oil.

As Conservation Plan Fails, Ecuador OK’s Amazon Oil Drilling Plan


Ecuador has pulled the plug on a groundbreaking plan to have outside donors pay to protect an oil-rich swath of the Amazon. The plan failed to draw anywhere near the financial support the country had hoped.

A no-show at Moscow airport gate, Snowden to seek asylum in Ecuador

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The hunt is still on for Edward Snowden. The man who released classified NSA documents to the media was expected to depart from Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow Monday, but as the media bunched up around his gate, it became increasingly clear he wasn’t coming. Russia’s president says he hasn’t left the airport.

Ecuador’s media under fire as powerful president appears set for third term

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Ecuador’s media have been under fire since President Rafael Correa took office in 2006. He appears set to win a third term later this month, which means more difficult times for the country’s independent media.

Snowden Pulls Request for Russian Aslyum

After days in a Moscow airport, Edward Snowden broke his silence through a statement issued by Wikileaks. The NSA leaker accused the United States government of trying to intimidate him, leaving him a stateless person and pressuring other nations to revoke his request for asylum. “The Obama administration has now adopted the strategy of using […]