Jason Margolis

A child plays in the flooded streets of Norfolk, Virginia, during Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Norfolk is one of many coastal cities around the world experiencing more frequent flooding as sea levels rise in response to warmer global temperatures.

Meet our new Livable Planet desk. It’s about what we need to have a future.


Times are changing and so are we. Welcome to the Livable Planet Desk, the new home for environment coverage from PRI’s The World and PRI.org.

A sign for an electric car charging station at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

The UK joins a move to ban gas and diesel cars by 2040


Cycling in Sao Paulo presents difficult, deadly, problems

Global Politics

Learning about 9/11 in the classroom

Global Politics

US, Europe to unfreeze billions in Libyan assets

Tea Party’s take on trimming the defense budget

Global Politics

The defense budget has become ‘bloated’ and shouldn’t be ‘off limits’ to cuts say some Tea Party members.

Veterans campaign for clean energy

Global Politics

Military veterans barnstorm America by bus, campaigning for clean energy and ending US dependence on foreign oil.

New beginning in South Africa’s AIDS battle

Health & Medicine

South Africa has the largest number of HIV-infected people on the planet, but the country is taking aggressive new steps to fight AIDS.

The underwear economy

Men’s underwear sales around the world can be an indicator of whether the economy is turning around.

Taxing corporations’ foreign profits

President Obama wants to change the tax rate for American multinationals, who he says don’t pay their fair share for overseas profits.