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Paper Trees in Precious Ground

Plantation industries have taken root across much of Southeast Asia’s peatland forests, disturbing habitat with the highest carbon content in the world. The release of carbon from Indonesia’s vast and deep peatlands has made this developing country the world’s third largest greenhouse gas emitter. Some forest experts say slowing this release could be one avenue for quick action on global warming. But how and whom to pay to stop Indonesia’s carbon hemorrhaging in places like Riau province remains unclear.

How to fight bed bugs without using poisonous chemicals

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Women’s cooperative in Mexico tackles e-waste

Out of the box housing

California’s climate bill debate

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Clearcut Chemicals

Oregon residents who live near big timber are asking whether an industry practice may be the source of herbicide in their urine.

Big Advances in Testing Chemicals

Powerful computers and advanced programs mean many more chemicals can be tested much more quickly, and fewer lab animals are needed.

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Bare Shoulders: Herbicide Along the Highway

Around the country highway maintenance staff spray herbicide to keep the shoulder clean and bare. But in some places people don’t like that.

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Performing to Save Island Nations

Low lying coral island nations desperate for global action on climate change take their culture on the road.

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The Most Sustainable Street in LA

Neighborhoods at the foot of the hills in Los Angeles are sometimes flooded with heavy rain, but in one area the street has been re-engineered to capture the rain and water the plants.