Young boy entering building from sidewalk

‘They didn’t explore the world,’ says physician who cared for toddlers separated from their parents at the border


Three toddlers’ foster mothers brought the children to the emergency department. Dr. Tara Neubrand, who specializes in pediatric emergency medicine, says their trauma was obvious.

Sound Portrait: Plastic Surgeons

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Plastic Surgeons

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Photographer Max Aguilera-Hellweg Goes Inside the Human Body

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Clown Care Unit

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Blood for Art

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The art market is flooded with money. And that concerns an artists’ collective in San Francisco called Quorum. When they brought their etchings, paintings, and mixed-media to a big international art fair, every piece was priced the same: a single pint of blood, collected on-site by a local blood bank. You call it morbid — […]

Why You Should Be Watching “The Knick”

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Steven Soderbergh’s The Knick is a delightfully bloody show about turn-of-the-century medicine. His New York is punctuated by bright whites, making 1900 feel futuristic.

Reconstructing Viruses

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Why do scientists want to recreate viral monsters like the 1918 Spanish flu? And if they do, should they be allowed to publish the instructions?

Two male and one female internationally trained doctors are listening to a presentation.

Highly trained and educated, some foreign-born doctors still can’t practice medicine in the US


There are tens of thousands of foreign-trained doctors who could help alleviate the US’ shortage. But many of them are not allowed to work here.

A rapid diagnostic test for malaria.

With quick and easy malaria tests, some unexpected drawbacks


In remote areas of the world, traditional lab testing for malaria can be difficult. Researchers are finding unexpected consequences in the use of rapid diagnostic tests.