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Sebastian Cevallos

Tweets land political leader a jail term


A few tweets about an alleged case of nepotism in Ecuador’s government earned Sebastian Cevallos a sentence of 15 days in jail.

Members of the Zone 9 blogging collective in December, 2012

Ethiopia’s Zone 9 bloggers acquitted of terror charges

Emoya Shantytown1

Well-off tourists can now spend a night in a fake South African slum

World Quiz — Where’s a post office with a view… of penguins?

Lifestyle & Belief

Anti-fascist Musician Stabbed to Death by Neo-nazi in Greece

How Russians Read McCain’s Pravda Op-Ed on Putin

While Americans were incensed at being lectured by a foreign politician whom many regard as either an idiot or a hypocrite, many Russians, it turns out, reacted no differently.

Exclusive: “We Will Start a War” – Kyrgyz Thugs Threaten Canadian Gold Miners

An explosive new video, exclusively translated into English by Global Voices, appears to show local criminals haggling for a cut of Kyrgyzstan’s gold with a foreign company.

Indians Push Back on Racist Taunts to Miss America 2014

Indian-American Nina Davuluri faced a barrage of racist comments in social media after winning the Miss America pageant. Indians fumed, but also wondered about her chances of winning in India.

Ancient Pyramid Destroyed in Peru as Developers Eye Land

Peruvians are struggling to protect a 4,000-year-old archaeological site that is being threatened by real estate development.

France Sees Great Potential in the Chinese Tourism Industry

The number of trips abroad for the Chinese has gone from 10 million in 2000 to 83 million in 2012. A look at this booming market from France.