Klaus Voormann, German born artist and friend to The Beatles

Klaus Voormann’s long history with The Beatles


Klaus Voormann first met The Beatles when they were a bunch of unknowns playing in Hamburg, Germany. Post-Beatles Voormann played bass with John Lennon and George Harrison. Now, Klaus has an art exhibit in Los Angeles that will include art designs through the years, including the cover art he did for The Beatles 1966 album, “Revolver.”

L.A. Mayor hopes to direct film business back to Hollywood

Los Angeles immigrant community pushes to keep Zapotec language alive

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Humanoid robot shows off advances in technology, dances to Gangnam Style


Maritime immigrant, drug smuggling picking up along California coast

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Beijing’s pollution defies measurement, but not history


Residents of Beijing an other parts of northern China are still dealing with terrible pollution, but it’s not nearly as bad as it was on Saturday, when pollution levels exceeded the scales used to measure such problems. But while the pollution is horrible, China’s not the first place to deal with deadly pollution.

Disney becomes latest publisher to turn to sustainable paper products


Disney has become the latest company to vow to eliminate non-sustainable paper products from its operations, wherever possible. That includes in its book publishing, an area where up until two years ago all of the publishers used virgin paper, often coming from rain forests.

In a boys’ world, Jessica Abel writes comics for girls

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The world of comic books and graphic novels has long been dominated by men, who more often than not portray women characters as busty babes in supporting roles. But artists like Jessica Abel hopes to change that by redefining the way women write and appear in comics.

Racial slur hurled at Boston Red Sox player brings to light disguised racism

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When a police officer was fired for hurling a racial slur at Carl Crawford, many sports fans were left scratching their heads. When did the word Monday become racist. Turns out it was sometime about 2004 — and it’s not the only everyday word with veiled meaning.

Apple sends independent inspectors to suppliers’ Chinese factories


Recent reporting by The New York Times has raised concern about the conditions faced by workers in Apple’s supply factories in China. Now Apple has hired an independent labor rights organization to inspect and publish a report on the labor environment in its suppliers’ factories. The first round of inspections began Monday.