Hurricane Katrina

Katrina Cottage

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Last week the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum awarded Marianne Cusato the first ever People’s Design Award for her work on The Katrina Cottage. With its peaked roof and front porch, the Katrina Cottage is designed to be a permanent, dignified alternative to the FEMA trailer. Kurt Andersen spoke with Cusato in New Orleans last […]

Weaving Climate Change Data into Art

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Jesmyn Ward

Jesmyn Ward reflects on Katrina

New Orleans 2

Do feel-good slogans like ‘Resilient New Orleans’ and ‘Boston Strong’ mask income inequality?

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Holy Cross, New Orleans

Marco Werman: It’s about the flood, not the storm

Crossley family

‘Tomorrow is not promised’ — What Katrina brought to my father


Storm-tossed relatives moved in with my dad in Memphis as Katrina bore down, crowding a lonely widower’s home but bringing him joy and community in what would turn out to be his final months.

A house and vehicles damaged by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami, as seen in Ishinomaki, northern Japan.

A decade after Katrina, one researcher looks for global lessons in its aftermath


There’s a big difference between an earthquake and a hurricane. But both of them unleash the same kinds of devastation, says researcher Malka Older.

New Orleans trumpet player Travis "Trumpet Black" Hill helped link New Orleans to the many jazz fans and musicians of Japan.

In New Orleans, Marco explores Japan’s jazz links to the Big Easy


PRI’s The World host Marco Werman is in the middle of a two-week, cross-country writing residency aboard Amtrak trains. His first stop was in New Orleans, where he heard about the death of famed trumpet player Travis “Trumpet Black” Hill and was reminded of how Japan and New Orleans are linked by a love of jazz

New research survey suggests urban trees are on the decline


Research from the U.S. Forest Service found that in 19 of 20 U.S. cities surveyed, urban trees are on the decline. The vital piece of urban infrastructure are declining an average of three percent per year.