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Coalition of small island states makes a case that greenhouse gas emissions are covered by UN Law of the Sea

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​​​​​​​In Hamburg, Germany, an international tribunal makes rulings on the UN’s Law of the Sea, which deals with marine territorial rights and navigation, and requires states to prevent and control marine pollution. This week, a coalition of small island states is asking the court to rule on an unusual case: that greenhouse gas pollution is covered under this law of the sea. 

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin shake hands behind two podiums reading Helsinki 2018

No, the president can’t destroy records. Here’s why.

Klaus Voormann, German born artist and friend to The Beatles

Klaus Voormann’s long history with The Beatles

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Einstein’s handwritten secrets for a happy life auctioned for $1.56 million

Russia's President Vladimir Putin talks to President Donald Trump during their bilateral meeting in Germany.

Trump and Putin held a second, undisclosed, conversation while in Germany

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Donald Trump Jr. arrives at Trump Tower in New York City. January 18, 2017.

Trump’s son ‘met Kremlin-linked lawyer’ during the election campaign

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US President Donald Trump said Sunday he wanted to work “constructively” with Russia despite confronting Vladimir Putin over alleged election meddling, as reports broke that his eldest son met a Kremlin-linked Russian lawyer during the 2016 campaign.

US President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Trump wins concessions, and isolates the US, at the G-20 summit


World leaders made concessions on trade and climate language to Donald Trump Saturday, at the end of the most fractious and riot-hit G-20 summit ever.

Photo of world leaders at the G20 summit in Germany

Where were the women? In Trump’s foreign policy, female leaders are scarce

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In her weekly column, AWL editorial director Christina Asquith surveys how US foreign policy is increasingly becoming a male-dominated arean

President Donald Trump meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin during the their bilateral meeting at the G20 summit in Hamburg.

Trump and Putin meet for the first time at a fractious G-20

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President Donald Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin shook hands as they met for the first time Friday at a G-20 summit marred by violent protests and a rift between America and its Western allies over climate change and trade.

Syrian refugees fleeing Syria

A children’s book introduces German kids to the true story of Syrian refugees


Germany has received more than 1 million refugees, many of them children from Syria. In “Everything Will Be Alright,” Kirsten Boie writes the story of one Syrian family that fled bombings in Homs for safety near Hamburg, Germany.