A woman poses for a photo surrounded by red Christmas ornaments in Bangkok, Thailand.

Photos: The world celebrates Christmas


What does Christmas look like around the world? Here’s a peek from Thailand, Pakistan, Iraq, Australia, China and several other countries.

Hazel Bethel is a Manischewitz wine devotee. She's originally from Trinidad and was introduced to the wine by friends who worked in Jewish homes in New York.

Is that Manischewitz? The Kosher wine is a hit in some Caribbean communities.

A photo of Tam Duong's family during Lunar New Year in the early 1990s. Tam, on the right in the red dress, is from Los Angeles and now lives in Boston. Her parents are from Vietnam and Duong says she was confused as to why Santa never came to their home.

There’s nothing traditional about an immigrant Christmas

Scotty Claus

Renting a Christmas tree can keep the holiday alive until next year

Cho Mei and her parents, refugees from Burma, bought their first Christmas tree this year. Mei says she's even participating in a 'Secret Santa' gift exchange with her family-- something she learned from her Burmese church group in Oakland.

These Liberian and Myanmar refugees cook up old, and new, Christmas traditions

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