The Trump administration wants to put Americans back on the moon


Russia, the European Space Agency, Japan and China are all interested in lunar missions. For the Trump administration, “it could be a very smart international or geopolitical tool if they do it correctly,” says science journalist Loren Grush.

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Why this Nobel laureate thinks Trump’s science policy will help make China great

State Department chief Rex Tillerson has backed dramatic cuts to his department, saying its current funding levels are "simply not sustainable."

So we slash US foreign aid. But why?

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Coal plant

Trump’s plan for the EPA is death by ‘a thousand cuts’


How big is Trump’s 10 percent defense increase? It’s three times Canada’s annual military budget, for one.

Diplomacy and development take a backseat to military spending in President Trump's proposed budget.

Eliminating the State Department entirely still wouldn’t cover Trump’s proposed hike in military spending

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Cutting funds for diplomacy and development won’t make America safer, says this former State Department official.

If Homeland Security Department funding runs out, many Transportation Security Administration employees will be asked to work without a pay check.

‘Essential’ workers in the Department of Homeland Security gear up to possibly work without pay


The Department of Homeland Security is a $38 billion a year operation that was cobbled together in the wake of 9/11 intelligence failures. Just how many of its hundreds of thousands of employees are essential?