These Aren’t the Droids

Studio 360

Remember the future? That place with all those rocketships and silver jumpsuits? Yeah, it wasn’t that great. In this music video,Neko Case andKelly Hogan send up the conventions of science fiction, in which men are macho space cowboys and women are pin-ups with blasters. “The future: it seemed so exciting, it looked so inviting,” they sing. “But we didn’t realize the future was designed by teenage guys.”

Video: “These Aren’t the Droids” – starring Ellie Kemper

This track is part of a comedy album called 2776: A Millennium of American Asskickery, which includes songs from Patton Oswalt, Aimee Mann, Reggie Watts, Martha Plimpton, Will Forte, Yo La Tengo, and Eugene Mirman, and benefits the charity OneKid OneWorld.

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