Meet India’s “other” nudists

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Meet India's "other" nudists.

That's right. It turns out you don't have to a sadhu (Hindu mendicant) to walk around naked, according to this week's Outlook. And you don't even have to cover yourself with ash — though a little sunscreen might be advisable.

It has its other hazards.  Sex between members is barred, and, according to a 68-year-old businessman from Mumbai, "Public or social nudity is equated with lunacy or perversion here.”  So most of the nudist retreats take place indoors, says Outlook.

That said, "The lab, though, is expanding fast—from Delhi to Pondicherry, from Mumbai and Pune to Calcutta," according to the magazine.

The best thing about the club: they're not judgemental, members say, because they have nothing to hide.

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