Kamal Ashnawi: Malaysia’s “trillionaire” now claims “86.7% of the world’s money”


Self-proclaimed "trillionaire" and self-proclaimed world's richest man, Kamal Ashnawi, is even richer than we thought.

First, he told the Malaysian press, with HSBC bank documents in hand, that he's worth $6.4 trillion.

Now, in a bizarre interview with Philip Golingai at the Malaysia Star, Ashnawi claims that he's the secret administrator of royal wealth hidden in 1,000 different bank accounts.

"This means that 86.7% of the world's money belongs to me," he told the Star. (Is that rounding up or down?)

But Ashnawi's magnificence doesn't stop there. From the interview, we also learn that:

1. Ashnawi is the reincarnation of two Chinese emperors. They're both inside him. At the same time.

2. He once witnessed all of his treasure. It's in Kunming, China, in a cave (obviously) and it's guarded by an immortal elderly couple. "If you tried to pass them without their blessing, you would cough blood and die," Ashnawi explained.

3. He saw "National Treasure" with Nicolas Cage and laughed, mockingly, at the pathetic amount of treasure depicted on screen.

It's important to recognize that Kamal Ashnawi is not a vagrant or some insignificant shaman living in a tree in Borneo.

He is the CEO/President of an oil-and-gas company, Sierra Petroleum World. Fortunately for its employees, the company does not appear to be publicy traded, because we can only imagine how quickly shareholders would scatter after reading this interview.

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