British flag burned in Argentina Falklands protests (VIDEO)

Tensions continue to rise in Argentina concerning the Falklands sovereignty issue, reported the Guardian. Protesters were seen marching, chanting and burning the union flag near the British embassy in Argentina.

The tensions reignited when Prince William was assigned to a six-week posting on the Falkland Islands as a Royal Air Force search-and-rescue pilot. He arrived on Thursday amid claims that the prince would be “wearing the uniform of a ‘conqueror,’” said the Guardian. The Royal Navy is also preparing to send one of its warships into the area that is British-controlled.

The 30th anniversary of the 1982 war between Britain and Argentina is only two months away, and rhetoric between the two countries has become increasingly heated. Argentine President Cristina Fernandez described Britain as a “crass colonial power in decline,” according to Reuters.

Britain’s defense ministry sought to frame Prince William’s stationing as a “routine operational deployment” in a statement.

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The New York Times described the Falklands as a “windswept, largely barren cluster of islands near the southern tip of South America, 8,000 miles from Britain, with a population of 3,000 and an economy worth less than $170 million a year.”

The BBC said that while Argentinian politics might be divided, “there is consensus between the government and the opposition over the country's claim to the islands.”

British Prime Minister David Cameron was condemned by Argentinian senators for saying Argentina had a “colonialist” mindset toward the Falklands. The comments boosted the number of Argentinians who support their country’s claim on the islands from 65-70 percent to 74 percent, according to the BBC.

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Here is the video of Argentinian protesters chanting and burning the British flag:

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