Brazil’s microcephaly outbreak captured in portraits

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Nadja Cristina Gomes Bezerra

Across Women's Lives photographer Anne Bailey spent time last week at the Fundação Altino Ventura rehabilitation clinic in Recife, Brazil, where she took portraits of the parents of babies with microcephaly while their children waited to be seen by a physical therapist.

You can see additional portraits of the strong women and men from this series on the Across Women's Lives Instagram @womenslives and the Instagram feed of our partners at @frontlinepbs.

Maria de Fatima Silva Oliveira
Maria de Fatima Silva Oliveira, 21, with three-month-old son Joaquim Gabriel Oliveira Ferreira. Once a week, they travel three hours by car from Frei Miguelinho to Recife so Joaquim Gabriel can participate in physical therapy. Anne Bailey
Germana Soares
Germana Soares, 24, from Ipojuca with three-month-old son Guilherme. Learn more about Soares and her involvement with other mothers of babies with microcephaly here. Anne Bailey
Andre Guimaraes
Andre Guimaraes, 35, with three-month-old daughter Lauren de Fatima Guimaraes. From Jaboatão dos Guararapes, one hour south of Recife by car.Anne Bailey
Rosana Xavier
Rosana Xavier, 26, with daughter Maria Klara, 1 year and four months. From Olinda, just north of Recife.Anne Bailey
Hilda Venancio da Silva
Hilda Venancio da Silva, 38, with four-month-old son Matheus Jober Junior da Silva. From Recife.Anne Bailey
Paulo Rogerio Cavalcanti Araújo
Paulo Rogerio Cavalcanti Araújo, 47, with four-month-old daughter Eduarda Vitória. From Recife.Anne Bailey
Susana Lima da Silva
Susana Lima da Silva, 25, with three-month-old son William Gabriel. From Recife.Anne Bailey

This story was co-reported with our partners at Frontline. Find more on the Zika outbreak from Frontline here.

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