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Digital producer for Across Women's Lives

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Anne Bailey is digital producer for Across Women's Lives, PRI's special coverage of gender equity and the role of women in society.

Anne is a photojournalist and filmmaker in charge of visual storytelling for Across Women's Lives. She commissions, edits and produces video, images, graphics and data for PRI's special coverage of gender equity and the role of women in society. Formerly, Anne taught multimedia storytelling at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies and has taught at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, the University of Montana School of Journalism and the Freedom Forum Diversity Institute. She has also trained citizen journalists from the Democractic Republic of Congo, Tunisia and Libya.Anne focuses her own documentary work on international and domestic human rights issues. Her stories have appeared on PRI's The World, GlobalPost, Reuters, News Photographer and PBS MediaShift among others. 

The new water-based process being used by some independent Mongolian miners can extract up to 80% of the gold from the ore and is much cleaner than processes using mercury or cyanide.

These Mongolian miners are making gold greener. Now they want their government to help.


Gold mining is a key source of income in Mongolia, but it can often be a dirty business. An effort by small, independent miners to switch to a non-toxic processing method is improving the outlook for their health and the local environment.

A man walks on the roof of a traditional ger home while fixing the chimney of a coal burning stove on a cold hazy day on the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Mongolian nomads say goodbye to herding, hello to smog

World-renowned mountain trail runner Mira Rai on a training run outside Hong Kong.

How ‘adventurer of the year’ Mira Rai went from child soldier to ultrarunner

Brandi King, a Nakota veteran who served in the Iraq war, has been at the Standing Rock camp on and off for several months.

Protesters at Standing Rock celebrate an unexpected victory

anne lindy hop 2

Lindy Hopping down memory lane in Rio

Isabel Swan

Olympic sailor Isabel Swan wants a clean bay in Brazil for the Olympics


Brazilian sailor Isabel Swan just found out she’s a torch bearer for the Olympics in Rio this summer. She’s also been heading up efforts to clean up Guanabara Bay’s polluted waters ahead of the Games.

Nadja Cristina Gomes Bezerra

Brazil’s microcephaly outbreak captured in portraits


Last week, Across Women’s Lives photographer Anne Bailey spent time at a rehabilitation clinic in Recife, Brazil, for babies with microcephaly. She took portraits of a few of them with their parents.

Germana Soares is shown holding her child next to a doctor holding a black and white striped card.

‘We have a child with microcephaly, and we’re happy’


Germana Soares’ three-month-old son Guilherme has microcephaly. But she’s determined to give him a normal life.

The World

The joy of cooking — with cow dung


Kenyan scientist Joseph Lentunyoi explains how the daily manure output of just one cow can be converted into hours of cooking gas.

9 stories of amazing women we met this year

Meet some women from around the world who really inspired us this year

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This year we talked about how women around the world are fighting for access to reproductive and civil rights, education and economic power. Here are a few women (or groups of women) who really motivated us.