Indian women talk about street harassment

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Six young Indian women opened up about their experiences with street harassment, or as it's known in India — Eve-teasing.

Nirali Shah, Ishani Dasgupta, Kaneez Surka, Ahvanya Sharma, RJ Malishka and Lipi Mehta have all been the subject of unwanted advances by strangers in public — and on more than one occasion, victims of sexual abuse.

The women recall uncomfortable and confusing instances of harassment from when they were as young as 10. 

"Simple life choices" are difficult because of street harassment in India, says Lipi Mehta, editor of The Reader

But, across the board, this generation of Indian women are intent on making a change.

"If your mom and dad — really, dad — didn't tell you this at home," radio DJ Malishka tells young men, "then take it from me. Stop it."

This video was made in partnership with BuzzFeed India.

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