Sexual harassment

Photo of Taiwan's Vice President Lai Ching-te

Taiwan’s political parties beset by sexual harassment allegations


Taiwan is having a #MeToo reckoning about sexual harassment in politics, several years after other parts of the world. Despite the relatively high number of women in public office, many instances of sexual harassment in the political scene have been ignored or covered up.

Bogota has trained more than 500 police officers to respond to cases of gender-based violence, known as the purple patrol.

In Colombia’s capital, the ‘purple patrol’ fights sexual harassment on crowded buses

Sexual violence
Video still from a Tik Tok video

This teen’s TikTok video takes on Malaysia’s toxic culture of misogyny

Sexual violence
Two Iranian women take a selfie outside a shopping mall in northern Tehran, Iran, on July 2, 2019.

Iranians share stories of sexual harassment, abuse on social media

Mark Tercek

A #MeToo scandal engulfs The Nature Conservancy

a woman gestures at police officers

Long before #MeToo, women in many parts of the world organized successful campaigns against sexual violence

While the success of #MeToo testifies to the power of social media in putting the spotlight on the culture of misogyny across the world, it’s not the first movement of its kind. Women in countries such as India, Pakistan and others have long organized successful campaigns against sexual harassment.


A #MeToo moment for Afghanistan’s women’s soccer: ‘It happened so many times’

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The abuse reportedly happened inside the country and also during a training camp held in February of last year in Jordan. Players flew out, and two male representatives of the Afghanistan Football Federation came with them. Khalida Popal, former captain of Afghanistan’s national soccer team, had organized the training session in Jordan and had reservations about the men.

A webcomic with two panels depicts a woman telling a story.

An Indonesian defamation law landed this teacher 6 months in jail for documenting her abuser


Indonesia’s Supreme Court sentenced Baiq Nuril Makmun to 6 months in prison for documenting her abuser. But public outrage over the verdict has forced the office of the attorney general to temporarily suspend her imprisonment.

Depiction of girl wearing a hijab sprays 'me too' in pink letters

An Indonesian teacher sentenced to jail for documenting sexual harassment by her employer


Indonesian President Joko Widodo urged Baiq Nuril Maknun, who was charged with spreading indecent information, to seek a judicial review.

Three female Google workers hold protest signs with black lettering.

Google workers around the world protest its corporate culture


Thousands of Google employees and contractors staged brief midday walk-outs on Thursday at offices across Asia, Europe and North America to protest sexism, racism and unchecked executive power in their workplace.