VEEP-Stakes: Who Will Romney Pick?

The Takeaway

In the few days since  Mitt Romney swept the Wisconsin, Virginia and Washington, DC primaries, the GOP appears to be finally coalescing around the former Massachusetts governor. As Mitt Romney counts his delegates and prepares for the final stretch of the primary season, the media’s spotlight turns to potential running-mates.
Senator Marco Rubio insists he has no designs on the Vice Presidency. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley told ABC News that if Mitt Romney called and offered her the nomination she would say, “No, thank you.” New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has wavered, explaining to “Meet the Press” that, “I absolutely believe that, come November 2012, I’m going to be governor of New Jersey and not in any other office.” But, Governor Christie continued, “the fact of the matter is, if Governor Romney, who’s going to be our nominee, picked up the phone and called me to talk about this, I love my country enough and I love my party enough to listen.” So who’s really in the running? Takeaway Washington correspondent Todd Zwillich  explains.

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