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A class of young Mormon missionaries

Mormon women are flocking to the mission, but inequalities remain


The Mormon Church is well-known for its worldwide proselytizing force. Now large numbers of young women are joining up thanks a change in policy that lowered the minimum age for female missionaries to 19. But gender gaps remain between men and women.

‘I am a Mormon’ campaign launches in London, in response to play’s debut

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Voting underway across the country as Americans choose between Romney, Obama

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Obama’s deportation deferral program provides legal status, no healthcare

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Latino Mormons’ history intertwined with Romney family

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Romney struggling to reach, connect with Hispanics in Nevada

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Nevada’s one of the swing states in the upcoming presidential election. So both Barack Obama and MItt Romney are trying to eke out an advantage. But when it comes to connecting with Hispanics, Romney is trying hard, but still has work to do.

Romney lauded for strong showing in first debate with Obama

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Mitt Romney came out on top, according to most who Wednesday night watched his first debate with President Barack Obama. Romney was described as aggressive, while Obama was panned for being passive and listless.

Romney, Obama set to meet in first of three debates Wednesday night

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Mitt Romney and Barack Obama will both try to score points, convey a vision and push their candidacy closer to winning on Election Day in November. While the election is still some 30 days away, early voting is already going in a number of states.

For candidates, campaigning in foreign language can bring risks, rewards

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When Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are trying to up their appeal to Latino voters, they’ll often try on a few words of Spanish. But, perhaps too often, those words don’t come out the same way they sound in the candidates’ head. And that can be a problem.

VIDEO: Romney under fire for comments recorded on secret video

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Mitt Romney finds himself forced to explain himself once more after a video was released Monday in which he says almost half the country will never vote for him because they’re dependent on government and natural Barack Obama supporters. The video was surreptitiously recorded at a Romney fundraiser.