Chris Christie

Salem and Hope Creek nuclear plants

Nuclear energy gets a ‘green’ boost in New Jersey


New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy recently signed into law subsidies for two aging nuclear power plants. Some say the deal will help New Jersey meet its climate protection goals, but others have criticized the measure.

University of Missouri

Big spending on campus: are pricey amenities driving up costs?

Housing Works CEO Charles King, second from left, speaks out against the current quarantine rules put into effect in New York and New Jersey following Ebola fears in the region outside of Bellevue Hospital in New York on October 27, 2014.

US medical workers strike back at strict Ebola quarantines

The World

Obama Administration announces big spending package on transportation

Global Politics
The World

Obama holds national infrastructure meeting

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The NJ governor’s staff aren’t the only politicos messing with traffic

Global Politics

New Jersey is not the only place where roads and traffic are manipulated for political reasons. Journalists from around the globe talk about the politics of traffic where they live.

Undocuemnted Colorado college students are now able to pay in-state tuition rates, joining recent graduates like US citizen Cristina Chacon.

Undocumented students in Colorado get a better shot at college

Development & Education

College has been out of reach for many Colorado undocumented immigrants. In most cases, it was just too dang expensive. But a law change is opening doors for them, and allowing them to pay in-state tuition at Colorado’s colleges and universities.

House leaders reverse course, set vote for Superstorm Sandy aid

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The 113th Congress opened for business on Thursday and they’re already embroiled in a controversy. House leaders, in the fact of fierce criticism, reversed course and said they’d schedule a vote for Friday on the first installment of relief for victims of Superstorm Sandy.

Gas rationing expands as New York, New Jersey recover from Hurricane Sandy

New York City drivers face new restrictions on when they may buy gas as the region deals with a major fuel shortage, an enduring problem from Hurricane Sandy’s tear through the area. So far, reports are that the rationing system is cutting lines at filling stations, making it easier to get the gas that is available.

Astronauts get Halloween treats delivered as research continues


Astronauts on the International Space Station celebrated Halloween Wednesday with some treats, but before long it was back to the tricks, keeping the ship running and monitoring Earth, including the progress of post-Hurricane Sandy.