Wish for a world leader

The World

This analyst says he was excited about Obama, as many Europeans were but he also realized that even though Obama is not the president of Europe or the world, in some ways he is. He understands the scale of the U.S.’s global influence, so having an America in line with his world view is the next best thing. He says Obama sends a signal that there are large chunks of America that are thinking along the same lines as long chunks of Europe. Brazilians are excited too, as President Silva revealed today when he said he hopes Obama establishes a stronger relationship with South America and Latin America and that he can make a peace agreement in the Middle East. This tour guide in Cuba says Obama’s elections is good for the U.S, the Cuban people, and all people. Obama helped promote that kind of optimism when he said he could change the world. But how could Obama actually do that? Well for one, foreign politicians are lining up to associate themselves with him. That could give Obama a valuable amount of influence. But also there’s a recognition that just the U.S. alone cannot change the world. In other words, the world shouldn’t expect Obama to fix climate change or the financial crisis on his own.

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