Watching the Olympics in the earthquake zone

The World

The rubble is mostly gone from the streets, and so are most of the tents, because most people here have been given pre-fabricated housing complete with running water, electricity and gas, and a daily food allowance. In the market, these locals say the government is taking care of them so they can focus on happier things, like the Olympics, which they feel has brought national unity for the whole country. but this man says he still carries a deep sorrow when remembering the earthquake. The middle school he once attended collapsed and killed hundreds of students and some of his former teachers. Throughout the earthquake zone, many noticed that schools collapsed whereas other buildings did not, killing some 5,000 students. Parents’ grief turned to anger and they started to demand justice for those responsible for the shoddy workmanship. Other parents, while not as angry, have been just as grief-stricken. This family says they’ve lost some excitement about the Olympics because they lost their son in a school collapse.

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