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Newlyweds Araminta (Sonoya Mizuno) and Colin

What happens when you let everyone in the world audition for a Hollywood studio film

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Three people who participated in the viral #CrazyRichAsiansCasting campaign earned their first ever parts in a big motion picture. Here’s why director Jon M. Chu thought it was necessary to scour the globe for Asian actors for “Crazy Rich Asians.”

harvey weinstein

Russians look at the Harvey Weinstein scandal and say, ‘What’s the big deal?’

Ai Weiwei's Zodiac heads stand ten feet tall and weigh around 800 pounds. They are cast in bronze and are displayed outside at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, Wyoming.

Ai Weiwei can’t travel, but his Zodiac Heads exhibit has found a home in Jackson, Wyoming

A scene from the movie "Ex Machina."

AI robots, Steve Jobs and other highlights of the year in science films

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams were paid significantly less for their work in "American Hustle'' than their male co-stars.

How Jennifer Lawrence keeps getting American Hustled by Hollywood

Director and producer George Lucas attends the 2013 White House Correspondents Association Dinner.

George Lucas’ magic musical is ‘one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen’


Jennifer Aniston is amazing in “Cake,” but the Movie Date podcast says to avoid George Lucas’ “Strange Magic” like the plague. Check out those and more of this week’s movie picks and reviews

Cast member Julianne Moore poses at a special screening of the film "Still Alice" during AFI Fest 2014 in Hollywood on November 12, 2014.

Julianne Moore leads the stars of this week’s new movies


Looking for a great movie to survive the cold weekend? The Takeaway’s Movie Date podcast says you might be pleasantly surprised by “The Wedding Ringer”‘s crass humor, but you’ll definitely by blown away by Julianne Moore’s Oscar-nominated turn in “Still Alice.”

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How do you make a movie about jazz? Add plenty of blood


When Damien Chazelle wrote a film based on his experiences as a young jazz drummer, he got plenty of encouraging comments — and no funding. So he shot an intense, violent scene from the surprisingly bloody movie to showcase his project, and Whiplash is now highly sought after following a big win at Sundance.

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Studio 360 – Episode 846 – Made in China – Ang Lee

The director’s new film, Lust, Caution, is set in World War II Shanghai, occupied by Japan. As if a Chinese movie by a Taiwanese director wasn’t edgy enough, the film is so erotic it made Lee himself intensely uncomfortable. Kurt talks with Lee and his screenwriter and producer, James Schamus.

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Studio 360 – Episode 845 – The Great Gatsby – Segment 6

Gatsby Gets Schooled

Students in Garth Wolkoff’s English class in Brooklyn admire Gatsby, and find Daisy suspiciously ?chillax.? Azar Nafisi, who taught the book in Tehran, recounts the time her university students put the book on trial. The decadent capitalist Jay Gatsby, she says, should be a warning for radical Islamists.